Beware of counterfeit tickets as you plan Final Four trip

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A warning, if you're planning a trip to the Final Four in Texas.

There are plenty of people out there trying to make a fast buck on the VCU Rams' success, so make sure the tickets you're buying are the real deal!

It's a mad rush right now to get your hands on the golden ticket to Saturday's game in Houston. You can find Final Four tickets on eBay and Craigslist along with a lot of other VCU swag, but buyers beware!

The VCU Rams victories equal dollar signs. Stanley Bourbon traveled from Florida to Richmond to sell T-shirts for $22 a pop on Westover Hills and Forest Hill corner.

"Everybody's trying to capitalize on it. It's crazy right now," said Boubon.

Just type in Final Four on eBay and you'll find everything from newspapers to T-shirts and signed basket balls. Rams Jamie Skeen has seen the hype.

"This one dude, he caught me before I got in here and he wanted me to sign 5 balls and it looked like he was just about to sell them on eBay. I don't know how much he getting for them, I don't have nothing to do with that," said Skeen.

Die-hard Rams fan Terry Goins has been eyeing Final Four tickets on Craigslist since February.

"We decided to give my son a special 16th birthday," said Goins.

He has his flight, hotel and car booked but is waiting until the last minute for tickets.

"I think there will always be some type of risk involved. I know that there are counterfeit tickets out there. I'll just have to be careful," said Goins.

Sound advice, says Better Business Bureau's Tom Gallagher, as some may prey on the desperate.

"When some of these things come up on Craigslist or eBay at face value when everything else is being scalped for a higher amount of money, that's a very risky proposition," said Gallagher.

Goins is confident he'll be in the stands.

"I'm not desperate because of the number of tickets that are out there for sale. We know we can get seats in the rafters," said Goins.

The Better Business Bureau recommends only using secured web sites for transactions and to pay with credit rather than cash or a check. You can also give them a call to check out ticket brokers for any complaints.

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