UPDATE: Haynesworth adjusting to life outside of prison

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It's been a little more than a week and since Thomas Haynesworth was released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. But he's still waiting to find out if he'll be fully exonerated.

The state court of appeals heard arguments in the case Wednesday morning. Both sides were in support of his exoneration and there was no opposition. The hearing took about an hour and a decision in the case is expected to be returned in six to eight weeks.

I sat down with Haynesworth on Tuesday to see how he's adjusting to life on the outside of prison walls.

Haynesworth says freedom feels fabulous. Since being released — he's discovered facebook and blackberry and other technology.

"The iPod, that's amazing. My niece showed me how to use that — download music and all that," said Haynesworth.

He's also getting the hang of how to use a blackberry.

"It's just blowing my mind. I said I got to get me one of those," Haynesworth added.

The 46-year-old man walked out of prison just over a week ago. He served 27 years for rape -- a crime DNA proved he did not commit. Haynesworth says he's enjoying moving at his own pace and sleeping-in late.

"I'm sleeping good. I'm used to getting up at 5:30 for count but now I don't wake up until about 10 or 11 o'clock -- when I'm ready to get up," said Haynesworth.

Haynesworth has never been to Kings Dominion. His family plans on taking him to the amusement park when the weather warms up.

Haynesworth is also learning the lay of the land. He says the city landscape is far different than he remembers.

"That's one of the biggest things. A lot of buildings have been torn down and remodeled. So I'm getting back familiar with the streets," said Haynesworth.

Like many others Haynesworth says he's been watching and rooting on the VCU Rams.

"They can go all the way. VCU, they say they're not supposed be in the tournament and they're proving the skeptics wrong," said Haynesworth.

For now, Haynesworth is enjoying life and looking forward to brighter days. He wants to get a license so he can drive. He's also looking forward to getting a job and one day owning his own business.

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