Hanover offers subscription to ambulance service

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - If you live or work in Hanover County, Fire & Emergency Medical Service officials want to remind you about a program that could save you a lot of money.  For just $60 a year, you can enroll in a pre-pay subscription program that covers your entire household should you need emergency transport.

This program could really make sense for a lot of people considering even the most basic ambulance transport can cost hundreds of dollars.

Last year, Hanover Fire and EMS responded to more than 20,000 calls and Battalion Chief William Jones says a good chunk of those calls are to the same households.

"We have people who easily go everyday; everyday they call; they have some medical issue; they have no one to help them; they are trying to stay in their homes and things like that," Jones said.

People who have medical issues, and even those who don't can consider signing up for Hanover's pre-pay subscription program.  The fee is $60 a year, and that covers all household members you list on the application: even family members in assisted living or nursing homes.  The program runs from July to July.

"If you had a life threatening injury that may require surgery, it can cost up to $575 plus mileage just to get you to the hospital in Hanover, and that's most locales.  Just a basic transport; someone's cut their hand, needs to get stitches is about $400.  If you don't have insurance that covers total transport and things like that; it's really a great way to go," he said.

And even if you do have insurance, check with your company.  Some plans only pay 80 percent of ambulance transport, so the prepay subscription could still be a better deal.

Chief Jones says an easy analogy is comparing it to season tickets, you may not go to every game, but you have the option if you want it.

"You already have it in place; you already paid up front; we know what we have in revenue to pay for our ambulances and things like that, and if you have someone who's going a lot, you just can't miss it," Jones said.

You can print an application for the prepay program online, but if you don't have a computer, you can drop by any Fire or EMS station to pick one up.


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