Henrico caretaker accused of forgery, theft

Patricia Stowe
Patricia Stowe

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico woman is behind bars, accused of ripping off an elderly man to the tune of $1,100.

Henrico Police arrested Patricia Stowe, 52, Sunday night. She faces 12 counts of forgery and larceny against a man suffering from dementia.

Sally Forsmark remembers the first time she ever met Patricia Stowe, the woman who would soon be caring for her elderly father-in-law, William.

"She seemed all right. I mean, I didn't think anything strange or suspicious or anything like that," Forsmark said from her south Richmond home.

William is 86, and suffers from dementia. Everything was going as well as could be until this month, when Sally and her husband started looking at William's bank account, and the numbers didn't quite add up.

"I noticed some checks had been made out to people that I didn't know, and I'm sure he didn't know, and started  asking questions," Forsmark said.

Questions like, who in the world was writing checks in the amount of $250 and $500 in William's name? Sally tallied it all up to $1,100 in lost money. She got in touch with Henrico Police, who say they traced fake signatures to Patricia Stowe, and then arrested her.

"He is aware. He was very shocked," Forsmark said of her father-in-law.

Stowe was not immediately able to return to her Highland Springs apartment. She remains behind bars on $12,000  bond. $1,000 for each of the charges against her.

Six for forgery, and six more for theft. Sally was relieved by the arrest...but warns others to do their homework on the people looking after their loved ones.

"I just can't believe people would do something like this to elderly people. Take advantage of them like that," Forsmark said.

Until the alleged crimes took place, Sally's father had been staying at Virginia Heights Assisted Living, which is located in a private home in Henrico. We reached the owner by phone, who expressed her "deepest regrets for what happened".

He is now staying at another facility.

Stowe is due back in court in early May.

To date, Sally has been unable to recover any of the stolen money. Police won't say who cashed the forged checks.

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