No rest for the weary at VCU

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Fans started lining up at the VCU bookstore at 10:30 Monday morning for a Final Four tee. They say this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to show their pride. The Ram's historic win has nearly everyone at VCU making it through this Monday on adrenaline.

The buzz at Monroe Park was a little different Monday morning as crews cleaned up from a night of celebration. The VCU campus is quieter than normal, and certainly emptier.

"I'm surprised I got up quite frankly. I was up pretty late," said freshman Lena Sinanian.

Weary, but fans were still boasting and bubbling over with pride and love for the VCU Rams.

"You just like slapping yourself, is this really happening," commented freshman Andrew Ocheing.

"Now it's like, wow I can't believe it and at the school that's maybe going to make it to the end of the NCAA championship. It's really incredible," Jessica Johns said.

"I was in shock. I had them going only to the Sweet 16 and the fact that they went this far is just beyond me," sophomore Seth Greene said.

VCU starters and stars Joey Rodriguez and Ed Nixon just came by the bookstore to get lunch.

"Two weeks ago I could walk through here and nobody noticed me and now I've got a line of people asking for pictures. So it's pretty wild," Rodriguez said.

They couldn't believe the sight of fans waiting hours for a piece of Final Four history.

"It's amazing man. I feel like we have the best fans, and supporters in the nation and we love them. We really appreciate them," Nixon said.

"It's been crazy the past 24 hours. I haven't gotten that much sleep so. Hopefully today I could take a good nap and come out and have another good time with everybody," said Rodriguez.

If you didn't get a shirt Monday and you want one, 20,000 more arrive Tuesday. This campus and its fans will be buzzing all week.

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