Burglars target Chesterfield neighborhood

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Burglary victims in a Chesterfield neighborhood are still a bit uneasy tonight. Crooks smashed their way into three homes in the Queenspark neighborhood. Two happened on the 2300 block of Castlestone Road and one on the 2400 block of Castle Hill Road Thursday morning.

Repair men were called to one of the homes that was broken into to fix damages caused by those intruders. The homeowners are hoping police catch the crooks. As of right now though, they're still on the loose.

The door where crooks forced their way into Bruce Kuppers home is being fixed now but earlier today he kept it boarded up. His home is one of three hit by burglars in his Chesterfield neighborhood.

"I'm guessing that they staked out the neighborhood and figured out which homes are typically empty," said Kupper. "Maybe even watched the comings and going of people."

Kupper's home was a perfect target, no one was home when the burglars hit. The crooks broke their way through a side door, then made their way inside of the home through the laundry door. Inside, they stole quarters that the homeowner had lying around.

"I suppose it's lucky, also a little insulting that they'd only steal your quarters!" joked neighbor, Ben Pearson-Nelson. "It means the rest of your stuff is not considered valuable enough to take!"

Pearson-Nelson's home remained intact.

"Yeah luckily most of my stuff is junky too, so I guess if they came into my house they'd just see my pocket change," said Pearson-Nelson. "If you're gonna get robbed, you might as well have your quarters stolen!"

Down the street though, neighbors tell us the burglars made off with a bit more, taking jewelry from another home. A costly repair bill and an unsettling feeling is Kupper's biggest lost. Today he's trying to look on the bright side.

"They didn't do any damage other than the door," said Kupper. "My dog is safe so I'm fortunate in that regard but it's still a little unnerving knowing that someone was in my house."

Neighbors had just a few words for those suspects still on the loose.

"Reform your ways! Bring the stuff back!" yelled Pearson-Nelson.

If you know anything about any of these incidents, contact Chesterfield Police.

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