INTERVIEW: Sweet 16 School Spirit Day

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We are just hours away from Richmond's moment in the sports spotlight. Both Richmond and VCU are preparing for their Sweet 16 match-ups in San Antonio and fans back here in RVA are filled with excitement. And perhaps no one is more excited than my next guest. Michael Hagan is a VCU grad and the founder of the popular blog VCU Ram Nation.

Ryan Nobles: Mike, thank you for being here.

Michael Hagan: Thank you for having me.

Ryan Nobles:  First of all, tell me what is the VCU Ram Nation for people that don't know.

Michael Hagan: is a website dedicated to VCU men's basketball. We're four fans who just love VCU Rams basketball so much; we had the technical means to start a website with player interviews, videos, audio, photos. We have a message board that's wildly popular up on the site, so --

Ryan Nobles:  And when you first started it, I mean obviously you and a group of your friends were big VCU fans, but did you ever imagine that you would be covering a Sweet 16 run for this team?

Michael Hagan: No. I mean, we always hoped that VCU can make that run, but now here we are talking about them in the Sweet 16 for the first time, and when we saw the site, it was just four guys hanging out in a room talking about VCU basketball and it's amazing to see where we've come.

Ryan Nobles:  And what has it done to your site? I saw you guys tweet about it in the wake of the selection and after winning the first round and then the next two games, has the site gone crazy as a result?

Michael Hagan: Yeah, we've seen a large jump in hits. I believe the Monday after we beat Purdue, we got about 5600 unique impressions that one day, and you know, when we average about maybe 500, a thousand impressions a month, this past month, we've seen 750,000 impressions for the month of March so far.

Ryan Nobles:  And you do have one of your reporters in San Antonio right now?

Michael Hagan: We have two guys actually on the floor in San Antonio right now as we speak. I talked to one of them earlier today and said that he saw some ram fans starting to trickle in there, spider fans, and he said he hopes to see more.

Ryan Nobles:  And you're hopeful a final four run will mean that you will get to go on one of these big trips.

Michael Hagan: Hopefully if we get this win against Florida State and whether we beat Kansas or Richmond, I'll be headed to Houston.

Ryan Nobles:  Good luck, Michael. Enjoy the game tonight. I appreciate you being on.

Michael Hagan: Thanks, Ryan.

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