What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Sweet 16 Gameday

By Matt Lincoln - bio | email

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (WWBT) - There will be a lot of angry people in San Antonio if the Spiders move on to the Elite Eight. This city has become overrun with Jayhawks - there was a huge contingent that showed up just to watch them practice today. Also, there are as many Kansas media here than there are rest of the media combined.

I must say, I actually wish I could watch the TBS broadcast of the game. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the team of Marv Albert and Steve Kerr have been calling college basketball. Even though they may not have watched lots of college hoops, and may not have been able to name the players on VCU or UR before yesterday, I feel like their analysis and description of the sport of basketball is very good. And if that's good, than you can call any level.

I've been thinking a lot about the futures of Chris Mooney and Shaka Smart. Is it possible that both could bolt for bigger jobs? Sure, but my gut says Mooney goes, and Shaka stays. Here's why:

Mooney's stock won't be this high for awhile, if ever. With the four key seniors graduating, including two of the best the Richmond program has ever seen, there will certainly be a regression next year. So why not leave now, when Harp and KA leave? Also, Mooney is a great coach, but he's a tougher sell than Smart. Everyone loves the young, energetic, rah-rah coach that Shaka is. The thinking man's coach with the sometimes boring offense is less popular. So, if Mooney gets a big time offer, he should take it.

Now, if there's a perfect fit, Shaka should take it as well. But unlike Mooney, VCU's near future is bright. The Rams lose a lot, but there's plenty of talent left in the cupboard. Plus, because of the name and the personality, Shaka's star is not going to dim. So he does not have to take a big job just to take a big job. Tennessee, doesn't seem like the right fit, especially with the possibility of NCAA sanctions upcoming. Now, if Georgia Tech or Missouri call, he might have to listen. But two years is not a long time to be at one school - I'm curious to see if Shaka winds up staying because of that.

Offers will come after this year too - and Shaka, unlike Mooney, can afford to be patient.

But more importantly - game time tonight!

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