Fake cop pulls over drivers

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

LOUISA COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Sheriff's investigators in Louisa want to catch the man, they say, is impersonating them on the streets.

Authorities say two separate drivers were pulled over on the rural parts of Shannon Hill Road in Louisa and now say this man will most likely try it again.

Louisa resident, Jelita Hopkins, is not one of the victims to this cop impersonator but says she's been frightened before.

"I've actually been concerned about that before," said Hopkins.

At the time, her suspicion led to quick action.

"I slowed down, drastically, so they knew I wasn't making any kind of attempt to escape and called 911 and said this is where I am, there's a cop car behind me, I think, and I'm not comfortable pulling over," said Hopkins.

Once the cop was verified, Hopkins knew she was safe, but that wasn't the case for two other women in Louisa.

Lieutenant Jeff Sims says the first traffic stop happened on March 4. But little did the impersonator know, the driver's husband was one car up - and pulled over as well.

"Being her husband was there, may have deterred him from doing anything else," said Sims.

The fake cop claimed she ran a stop sign but let her go with a warning.

A white male wearing a gray sweatshirt - driving a dark colored car - the description was similar to the second incident - a couple weeks later.

"When she put her car in park, she noticed when it lit up the tail lights, there's no front license plate," said Sims.

Not only was there no license plate, the woman claimed the car had a mercury symbol - unfamiliar to Louisa deputies. She took off and called police.

If you have any information that can help the sheriff's office, you're urged to call them at 540-967-1234.

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