INTERVIEW: Road to Sweet 16

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We are now just a day away from perhaps the biggest sports weekend in Richmond history. The Richmond Spiders and the VCU Rams are getting ready for their sweet 16 match-ups in San Antonio. And joining us live from the Alamodome in Texas is Andrew Prezioso. He is the beat writer for the UR Collegian Newspaper.

Ryan Nobles:  Andrew, thank you for joining us.

Andrew Prezioso: Thanks for having me.

Ryan Nobles:  You traveled with the team from Richmond. You've been with them from the beginning of the season and tell me, what is the mood like right now leading into tomorrow night's game?

Andrew Prezioso: There's definitely excited, definitely not nervous about facing Kansas, testing the number two team in the nation with only two losses. They're confident team. You know, talking to Kevin Anderson, he says that the ultimate goal is to win a national championship and that Kansas is just in the way right now, so they will definitely be ready to play tomorrow night.

Ryan Nobles:  Asking you more about Kansas in particular, you say they have a lot of confidence about the match-up with them, but from your perspective as a beat writer, what are one or two things about Richmond's game that would make them competitive against the number one seed in this bracket?

Andrew Prezioso: Richmond does a really good job of slowing teams down and looking at the Vanderbilt team, it's a team that likes to place the ball this transition and Richmond really slowed that down and force a lower scoring game than Vanderbilt wanted. So if Richmond can do that, limit the transition and stop the three-point shooters and make it a lower scoring game, that's going to work in Richmond's favor, definitely.

Ryan Nobles:  I know we are still about 24 hours away from the game, but are you seeing people from Richmond down there? Do you think the city will be well represented in San Antonio?

Andrew Prezioso: There are a small number of fans at the Richmond practice today. It was the first one of the day. I know some people are coming in tomorrow morning, so definitely be a decent-sized Richmond crowd but definitely a lot of Kansas fans here.

Ryan Nobles:  All right.

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