Mega Millions jackpot fever hits Virginia

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RICHMOND, VA. (WWBT) - The Mega Millions jackpot is now an estimated $304 million for Friday night's drawing. Even more than 24 hours before that big drawing, plenty of people are getting their tickets, hoping to be a big winner.

From the amateur players, to those who play all the time, millions of tickets will be in the hands of some hopeful winners.

Take Kevin Epps. This is only the fourth time he's played the Mega Millions, but he's pretty confident. "I think it came with the territory. I think I'm a big winner."

Then there is Shona Goodwin. She may sound familiar to you. We actually talked to her on New Year's Eve when she tried to cash in on the big Mega Millions jackpot then.

Well, she didn't win. So-- here she is again today.

Gene asking, "Last time your confidence level was over 100%. What about today?:

Shona answering, "50."

All kidding aside, this estimated jackpot is the sixth largest right now and it could grow.

While thousands of tickets will be sold today, the state lottery expects to sell 2.6 million Mega Millions more tomorrow, before the big drawing.

That means the odds of hitting it big, just one in 176 million.

"Wow. I think I'm one of the ones. I know that," says Kevin.

"But you could be lucky! And, I feel blessed," adds Bill Chambers.

Also feeling a blessing from all this hype, the state's K-12 public school system that gets the profit from all the tickets sold.

Tune in to NBC12 News at 11 tomorrow night to see if you are a millionaire!

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