Hanover board votes to end county decals

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - The Hanover County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday night to hold a public hearing next month on a proposal to eliminate the county decal that residents now display on their windshield.

It also eliminates the $10 fee to buy the sticker, which you currently need in order to take your trash to one of the county's transfer stations.

A new option would give Hanover residents a free sticker to put on whichever vehicle you use for that.


Tax relief may be coming your way if you live in Hanover County.  Supervisors are thinking about eliminating the need for you to buy a county decal for your car, but a few other things would change if that happened.

Right now, any car in Hanover County is supposed to have a decal. This proposal would eliminate that, but it could create the need to have another kind of sticker.

"It certainly is a lot of work for the county, and it's a lot of work for the citizens," said Board of Supervisor John Gordon.

Gordon believes now is the time get rid of car decals.  In the past, it served as a tax collection and public safety tool, but that's no longer the case.

"You could not purchase a decal unless you paid your tax, and you couldn't drive a car in Hanover unless you had your decal. Well, that program is obsolete. We now have a treasury office that does a great job of collecting tax," Gordon said.

The Sheriff's Office used the decal to see if someone lived in Hanover, but deputies can now get that information from the license plate.  A decal is required to use a county transfer station, but Gordon says, there's problems with that too.

"You may have five, six or seven cars, and you are required now to purchase a decal for each of those cars, yet the only purpose it serves is to gain access to the transfer stations; well, most of us don't drive all of our vehicles to the transfer station," Gordon said.

He hopes instead, the county can give Hanover car owners one free sticker to put on the car they use to haul the trash.  Eliminating the decal at 10 bucks per car would cost the county about $100,000 a year, but Gordon says, that price is worth the time and money it will ultimately save the county and people living there.  Other supervisors are concerned about loss of revenue, but the board unanimously approved taking a closer look at the proposal.

The board will decided tonight on whether to move forward to the public hearing stage.

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