Richmond ranked among top 10 cities to find a job

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RICHMOND, VA. (WWBT) - If you are looking for a job, Richmond appears to be the place to be. In a recent study, Richmond ranks sixth nationally as one of the best cities to find a job.

For years now, we've shown you the long lines at job fairs. Lines that appear to never end and for some people it seems like an endless job search.

But now, things could be turning around.

Use Ed Baldacci as an example. Unemployed since October, he's heading to a job interview today.

"There are difficulties to overcome but there are opportunities out there also," Baldacci said.

A new study backs up that claim. A professional staffing agency says Richmond is the sixth best city in the United States to find a job.

"It seems like a diverse city to work in," Baldacci added. That's just one in a number of factors that go into Richmond's high ranking, including cost of living, diverse industries, educational level of the population and more.

For Susan Burton, who works at the Employment Transition Center in Henrico, this news is certainly good. "That was a pump life blood thing that was so awesome."

Recently, she is seeing the results of this study, as more people coming to the center are getting back to work.

"For a long time it was one here, one there. Now, we are seeing four or five people a week come in and say, 'I landed the position,'" Burton said.

She thinks having the center open certainly helped Richmond rank so high nationally.

Set to close at the end of June, the center may now stay open for another 60 to 90 days. A chance for more success stories like Ed Baldacci, in a city that appears set to offer you plenty of opportunities.

"It's a great opportunity for me and for them also. So, it'd be a win-win situation," Baldacci said.

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