Grandma fighting mad after home burglary

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – An elderly Henrico woman has a warning for you tonight: watch out for some crooks who duped her! Criminals stopped by her home in the 9000 block of Willowbrook Drive around 5pm Friday and left with some of her most precious belongings. The 89-year old grandmother describes the thieves as an elderly man and his so-called grandson that had pretended to know her late husband.

89-year-old Norma Adams has lived in her West End home for decades and had always felt safe in her neighborhood. But last Friday afternoon, she said that she was tricked into letting robbers into her home. One distracted her, while the other stole her possessions. Initially scared after being robbed, Adams now says that she's fighting mad!

"I couldn't believe it!" exclamed Adams. "I get a feel of anger before being scared or anything."

One of the crooks stole cash and jewelry while the other chatted with Norma in her living room. The thieves may have been lucky that this angry grandma wasn't aware she was being robbed at the time!

"If I woulda had that (cane) I woulda knocked them!" yelled Norma. "But I would have had to take to hands and make sure I had something to hold on to!"

The crooks emptied out some of Adams' ring boxes. They made their way into her bedroom and stole other jewelry that her late husband had given her. Most are items that are irreplaceable.

"It's just terrible to rob a person who's worked hard all their lives and take valuable things from them--things that have sentimental value," said Norma Adams caregiver, Shirley Robertson.

Robertson can't believe someone would target an elderly lady. She and Adams both hope police find the crooks and that they're punished appropriately.

"If I could see them I'd punch their lights out!" said Robertson.

"I would wanna tar and feather them!" said Norma.

"I'm with her!" added Robertson. "They should be tarred and feathered! Not that they do that nowadays but something should be done to them!"

Norma Adams only has a vague description of the two men. She hopes other people in her neighborhood are aware of this scam going around. If you know anything about this crime please contact Henrico Police.

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