Secret flight delivers murder suspect Nelson back to Virginia

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The man suspected in the brutal killing of a pregnant woman is back in Virginia and in custody.

Gregory Nelson, Jr., 27, sits in the Henrico County jail following a top secret flight to Virginia. Nelson was extradited Friday afternoon from Florida, where he was arrested last weekend. He faces a charge of first degree murder in the death of Susana Cisneros, 24.

Nelson stared straight ahead and appeared to be in a daze, according to Sheriff Mike Wade, who personally spoke to Nelson at the county jail Friday afternoon. The arrival came just hours after Henrico's incoming police chief spoke publicly for the first time about the case, including the missed opportunities to bring Nelson in sooner.

With the prosecution of Gregory Nelson, Jr., now about to get underway, Henrico's incoming police chief says it is a heartbreaking case.

"A very tragic and sad crime, and one that certainly pulled my heartstrings," said Lt. Col. Doug Middleton, who will take over as chief April 9.

In a wide ranging introductory news conference, Middleton declined to criticize the actions of Chesterfield Police officers.

Tuesday, NBC12 uncovered court papers showing that the morning of the March 9 killing, Chesterfield Police pulled over Nelson for speeding about an hour before the body of Susana Cisneros was discovered. Nelson was bloody and had a knife, the papers say, and Nelson told police he just stabbed a would-be robber.

Unable to confirm his story, according to the document, Chesterfield Police let Nelson go with only two tickets: for driving 67 in a 45, and, possession of marijuana.

"If a decision was made to do something over there, I believe it was made with what they thought was best at  that particular moment," Middleton said.

"That doesn't mean that it's always going to be the decision everybody would've desired, or what the outcome  might have been if it had been a different set of circumstances. But it's difficult to judge a situation when you're not actually standing there at the time the decision is made, and I don't intend to do that," he added.

The documents say Nelson eluded police a second time about three hours later, and was finally arrested last Saturday in Kissimmee, Florida, where he remained behind bars until now.

The Cisneros family has said Nelson -who is married to another woman- was the father of Susana's unborn child.

Now that he's back in Virginia, Nelson is expected to be arraigned in Henrico Court on Monday. He is being held on no bond.

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