NCAA Fans At Home Team Grill

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Local bars and restaurants are excited about what March Madness means for them. Big crowds mean big sales and Home Team Grill is looking forward to that.

Just minutes left in the first round of Richmond's NCAA tournament game, fans dressed in St. Paddy's green could barely stay in their seats.

Since noon, the beer has been flowing nonstop. Servers swiftly moving through crowds with trays of food. Home Team Grill's manager calls this weekend of games and a holiday the perfect storm.

"Anytime VCU and Richmond are in it we get a boost in sales," says Home Team Grill Manager, Brian Jones. "Obviously the drinking definitely helps the food sales."

Fans say it's money well spent and many of them are already looking to loosen up their money belts again for the VCU game.

Jones says his staff will stay busy on their feet for long hours. The overtime, on top of the rising gas prices and food prices, have been a bigger expense, but he's determined not to raise prices at Home Team Grill.

"It always affects our food prices however that's why we hope we can definitely make it up in the beer," said Jones. "We will do some themes, specials things like that for the VCU games."

Getting the fans to show up won't be the problem; the goal is to get them to stay for a while.

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