Vandals cause $5k-$10k in damage to school

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Vandals left thousands of dollars in damage after breaking into a Richmond school in the middle of the night. They hit Trinity Episcopal's new athletic center, which is set to open in just a few weeks. Now, crews are dealing with construction and a huge mess.

The school is still finalizing the numbers but early estimates put the damage between $5,000 and $10,000. Trinity's headmaster told NBC12 the community won't let this incident deter them. They've cleaned up most of the mess and they expect to keep the original grand opening date for the brand new facility.

The motto at Trinity Episcopal School is "discover your path." Vandals wove a path of destruction through the yet-to-be opened athletic center. Headmaster Dr. Thomas Aycock was called to the school in the early morning hours Tuesday when the fire alarm went off. He gave us a tour of what he found.

"We discovered where the window had been broken on the door and there was glass all over the floor," he explained.

The vandals reportedly used a fire extinguisher as their so-called weapon.

"There was a lot of debris where they had sprayed and discharged the fire extinguisher on the floor," Aycock said. "They sprayed the electrical boxes and our project superintendent said electricians would have to come out and do some work there."

Aycock said they went into a shower room and poured a can of plumber's glue all over the floor.

"Our construction people said that has done a good deal of damage to the floor that they were not going to be able to get it up," he showed us.

The only thing actually stolen in the incident was an iPod from the faculty locker room.  It had opened to staff just about a week ago.

The student population was all abuzz as spring sports teams got ready to move into the new space. Now, theories are flying on who's to blame for the damage.

"I really think that it's probably someone who has no connection to Trinity just because who here would want to," asked Student Body President Jack Schultz. "We all love that gym. We all love it here. Who would do that to our new gym?"

Aycock said the situation could have been worse. The vandals never made it to the expensive weight and fitness room. Richmond Police told us they are investigating the incident.

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