Updated: Chesterfield woman still missing in Japan

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT)- The Anderson family found out Tuesday night their daughter, Taylor, is still among the missing in Japan.

A mistake made by the U.S. Embassy has turned the Anderson family's moment of joy back into grief.

Taylor Anderson's mother, Jean, tells us they are doing all they can to find her.

The Anderson's say they got the bad news late last night.

The U.S. Embassy went to the school they thought Taylor was at, but her supervisor told them she was actually at another school.

This other school is in an isolated area, and will be very difficult to get to because the bridges were wiped out.

The Anderson's have been calling family, friends and people that they know can help.

Wednesday afternoon, the Anderson's received word that the U.S. State Department would be searching for Taylor.  U.S. Senator Jim Webb and U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor are also offering help.

A spokesperson for Eric Cantor offered this statement:

"Congressman Cantor's office is working with the Anderson family to ensure that every step possible is being taken during this difficult time.  Eric is extremely concerned about Taylor, and is committed to doing everything he can to help the Anderson family work with the State Department to ensure her safe and sound return."

The family also made contact with Taylor's Japanese neighbor who has offered to help search for Taylor.

The 24-year old grew up in Midlothian and graduated from Randolph Macon last spring.  She was teaching American culture to Japanese students when the tsunami hit the community of Ishinomaki, a community about 50 miles north of Sentai, ground zero of the quake.

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