Chesterfield family still in search of daughter missing in Japan

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The search continues for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and tonight, we've obtained a list of Americans who are still missing. Among them is a young woman from Chesterfield who was a teacher in Ishinomaki, Japan, a sea side town located just 50 miles north east of Sendai, Ground zero of the quake.

Taylor Anderson graduated from Randolph- Macon last spring and grew up in Midlothian. She was teaching Japanese students American culture.

Andy and Jeanne Anderson last communicated with their daughter over a computer chat Wednesday night.

They had no idea what was in store for her just a few hours later.

The Anderson family kitchen, with a beautiful view the James River, has turned into a makeshift war room.

Andy and Jeanne spend every minute pouring over their laptops- monitoring the news and taking phone call after phone call, hoping the next bit of information they get will be what they are hoping for.

"She probably was evacuated somewhere," said Andy Anderson. "What's frustrating is that there is no communication coming out of there."

The Andersons have reason to be worried. Taylor's apartment is in a neighborhood in Ishinomaki that was swallowed up by the tsunami. They are confident she was teaching at the time, in a school with an evacuation plan. It's just a matter of finding that out for sure.

"Somebody might have a phone that is working over there, somebody might be able to go to a hospital and look on a wall," said Jeanne

By flooding everyone they know with even a slight connection to Japan with information about Taylor, they are hopeful they can connect the dots to her discovery. It's an effort that at this point continues to lead to dead ends.

"It sounds like two embassy officials made it there, but their cell phones didn't work so we didn't hear anything back," said Andy.

So for now the only connection Andy and Jeanne have to their daughter is a wind chime Taylor bought for them in Japan. It's gentle sound a symbol of their hope that Taylor is okay.

And this is one way the Andersons are getting information out about Taylor. They are pushing her name on twitter next to the hash tag "Ishinomaki". They are hopeful that someone there will see it and connect them with their daughter.

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