UPDATE: Murder suspect signs extradition waivers

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico homicide team remains on the ground in Florida, working to bring a murder suspect back to Virginia.

Tuesday morning, Gregory Nelson, Jr., signed a waiver of extradition in Osceola County, Fla.. The 27-year-old husband and father was arrested Saturday, accused in the murder of Susana Cisneros, 24.

The team in Florida said Monday it could be seven to 10 more days before Nelson is booked at the Henrico County jail on a charge that, ultimately, could be punishable by death.

NBC12's Tara Morgan has learned that Nelson was cited for reckless driving and possession of marijuana when he was stopped by Chesterfield County Police early the morning of March 9, before the discovery of the body of a murdered woman who authorities say he had a relationship with.

Nelson was arrested Saturday in Osceola County following a manhunt that began last Wednesday morning, the day Susana Cisneros was found stabbed to death outside a fast food restaurant in Henrico's West End.

Now that Nelson's in custody, NBC12 legal analyst Steve Benjamin says his options are limited.

"The only question is, are you the person named in the warrant that is outstanding in another state?," Benjamin said of the extradition process.

Nelson had disappeared by the time the body was discovered, but it was only a day later that the warrant was issued. Nelson was accused of first degree murder in the killing of Cisneros and her unborn son.

Because of the unborn child, the case may qualify for the death penalty, the result of a state law created in 2004. In Virginia, it's a capital crime to kill a pregnant woman if the intent is to terminate the pregnancy.

The Cisneros family says Nelson, who is married to another woman, was the father of Susana's child.

"The difficulty in this case would not be so much proving knowledge of the pregnancy, she was after all nine months pregnant, but establishing that this was his intent," Benjamin said.

But Nelson isn't talking publicly, at least not yet. And, in Chesterfield, his devastated wife is not responding to requests for an interview.

Having just buried Susana and her unborn son, the Cisneros family now waits to confront in court, the man accused in her murder.

According to the Osceola County courts, Nelson did not go before a judge Monday. It's possible he could bypass all of that by signing a paper, and then be on his way to Virginia. But as of Monday evening he was still in the Osceola County jail, and the next chance to go before a Florida judge is Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

In any event, Henrico police say it could be next week before Nelson is back in Virginia.

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