Virginians arrive to help with search and rescue

By Deon Guillory - bio | email
Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Three days after Friday's devastating earthquake, people in Japan continue to dig out from massive destruction.

Now there's concern about a major problem at a nuclear power plant.

The Japanese government is urging people to be calm after a third explosion at a nuclear power plant.

The plant is about 50 miles south of the epicenter of the quake, where a member of the NBC12 family's brother is.

Shawn Maclauchlan is one of the editors of our morning show. His brother Kyle is an English teacher in Sendai, where the quake hit.

Shawn told me this morning that his family got an e-mail from Kyle on Saturday, letting them know he was alive.

He sent them another e-mail Sunday, saying that there have been aftershocks and the weather is very cold at night and there could be snow.

Virginia is helping with search and rescue efforts in Japan.

A heavy task force from Fairfax County is in the disaster zone right now.

The crew of 72 include doctors, paramedics, structural engineers and six canines.

The team had its last big mission following the devastation in Haiti last January.

But they fear, this ravaged nation of Japan could be far more dangerous than ever.

Police are now estimating the number of people dead could top 10,000.

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