Inside look at search for murder suspect

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The man suspected of murdering a pregnant Henrico woman should be returned to Virginia in the next two days.  Gregory Nelson, Jr. is being held in Osceola County, where he was captured Saturday by a federal fugitive task force.

Authorities up and down the east coast have been searching for him since Wednesday's stabbing death of 24 year old Susana Cisneros, who was nine months pregnant at the time.

Saturday was a day the Cisneros family never imagined they'd have to endure.  They laid to rest Susana and her unborn baby boy.  They finally got a dim ray of light in a whirlwind of bad news.  The man suspected of brutally stabbing and killing the mom-to-be was caught almost 800 miles away in Kissimmee, Florida.

"We all make mistakes and we need to pay for the mistakes that we make," said Susana's brother Sergio Cisneros.

Fugitive Task force Supervisor Kevin Connolly explained no one complained about working 18 hours days to get Gregory Nelson behind bars.

"A woman that's nine months pregnant, she and her baby die, I mean that's a priority for any of us," he said.

While the alleged father of Susana's child has no known connections to the Orlando region, law enforcement got word just after midnight Friday he could be there.  The area where Nelson was reportedly hiding out is not far from Disney World.  It is a commercial corridor.  Authorities spotted the fugitive on surveillance footage from stores near there.

"All that information working together was able to be coordinated and acted on immediately with our network so they could have boots on the ground in an area where he was," Connolly said.

The black hat, oversize sunglasses and white t-shirt from the video gave him away on the street.  Nelson was arrested Saturday around 5:30pm. We're told he had no weapons but was carrying a bus ticket.

Sources with the fugitive task force said almost every Florida officer had a poster of the suspect.  There was really nowhere for Nelson to run.

Now that the chase is over, the family is turning to prayer to help heal

"I don't think anybody can imagine what the family going through right now," Sergio said.  "It's a lot."

Police have also located the black Toyota Camry Nelson was last seen driving.

He was with another man when authorities made the arrest.  At this point, no charges have been filed against that person.

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