Mourners honor murdered pregnant woman, suspect's mom speaks out

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Heartbreaking new details in the case of a murdered pregnant woman.

Mourners from as far as California are in Richmond to pay respects to 24 year old Susana Cisneros and her unborn baby boy.

This as the hunt for her suspected killer ramps up in Central Virginia.

Ten billboards went up Friday across metro Richmond, with Gregory Nelson's wanted poster. 

I spoke to his mother, just moments before mourners gathered to remember Susana Cisneros and her unborn son.

Dozens of mourners poured in to Bliley Funeral Home.

Susana Cisneros' brother said the viewing is almost too much to bear, especially for his mother.

 "My family is feeling feeling bad.  It breaks my heart seeing my sister with the baby she got the baby on her arm," said her brother.

With Cisneros in the casket, her  baby boy, who she wanted to name Christopher.

Her brother said relatives from California and Illinois are in town to honor her memory.

Susana leaves behind eight siblings. 

"We miss her we really miss my sister," said her brother.

12 year old Daniel Cisneros grew up with Susana in Mexico.  He thought of her as a sister.

"She could have been a great mom and I hope they do stop the guy who killed her," said Daniel Cisneros.

Police said detectives are following up on tips, but suspect Gregory Nelson, Junior is nowhere to be found.

His picture is flashing on billboards throughout metro Richmond.

I spoke with Nelson's mother, Francine, by phone from her Woodbridge home.

She said their hearts go out to the Cisneros family that she and Nelson's father are devastated.

Francine Nelson adds they're very sorry for everything and hopes her son surrenders and doesn't harm himself.

I conveyed the condolences to Susana's brother.

"We don't have anything against anybody we thank everybody who supports us," said her brother.

Cisneros said he's confident police will bring Nelson to justice.

"I believe they will get him in quick he can not he can not run for too long," said Cisneros.

A private funeral will be held Saturday, followed by a second viewing for family. The remembrances will continue on Sunday. 

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