Changes to Hanover County real estate signs

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HANOVER COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Changes to real estate regulations in Hanover seem to be generating positive feedback. The county and realtors needed to reach a compromise about real estate signs.

There are really three main types of real estate signs: a yard sign that goes up in front a home when it's for sale and also lead in signs and open house signs

Hanover realtors were once required get permits for signs. Working with the county--both sides agreed it was too much to ask.

Now, realtors can put up signs on the weekends, but they have to pick them back up by Sunday night and follow general right of way regulations.

"The signs are an important component for any business and we respect that, but obviously what we don't want to do is detract from the character of the community or create safety hazards with too many signs and a lot of visual clutter," says David Maloney, Hanover County Planning Director.

A yard sign is perfectly okay, but realtors we spoke with say it can sometimes gets tricky explaining to sellers why they can't just plaster a neighborhood with signs advertising a home is for sale.

"When we go list a house the sellers in this market want us to do everything possible to sell the house," says Shawn Shurm.

Shurm is with Hometown Realty. He says he is pleased the County now allows him to put up signs on the weekends, but he wishes the regulations were even broader--like other counties he works in.

"What I would like to see and Chesterfield County does this is a standard lead in sign, it's just a standard realtor sign that says home for sale and be able to put those one per corner," Shurm says.

But Maloney with the Hanover Planning Department says that's unlikely, at least in the near future.

"No ordinance is perfect, and it's not going to satisfy everybody's interest, but we believe we've got a very workable solution, and we are very happy with the outcome," says Maloney.

For a closer look at Hanover's real estate sign regulations, you can visit the planning department's website by clicking here:

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