Police make arrests in elderly man's beating

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We first caught up with 74-year-old John Vogel the day after the brutal beating and robbery. He was black and blue in the face, shaken by the violent attack, with questions of who robbed him and why. This time, we were able to bring him some answers.

Hitler Calderon, his brother - Pedro Calderon and Brandon Bankert have been arrested and charged with felony robbery. The fourth suspect, Robert Kuta Junior is still wanted by police.

Richmond police say this was no random act, two of the guys behind bars were's friends and they were visiting that day.

18-year-old Pedro Calderon and 18-year-old Brandon Bankert were over, visiting with Vogel at the time of the attack.

Vogel says he couldn't believe the kid he knew for years, Bankert, was in on the crime.

"He was really kind and he really helped a lot, but all the time all he was doing was being deceptive," said Vogel. "He was sitting right there watching me get beat up, watching the gun be put in my face and put me in arms danger of death," he said.

The betrayal was too much to bear.

"To take this sword and put it in my heart, it's a hard place for me to go," he said.

Tips to Crime Stoppers helped catch these three men.

"You just can't say enough for Crime Stoppers and the information we get on it," said Lt. William Kelly, of Richmond Police.

Richmond Police are hoping the community will help again in finding the last suspect, Robert Kuta Junior.

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