Resolution on light complaint

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A resolution tonight for some neighbors who called 12 with complaints about a bright light shining on their homes.

We first showed you the problem two weeks ago -- a 24-foot light pole in a parking lot next door. Homeowners said it made life miserable, and called us because they thought the city wasn't moving on it fast enough.

The solution is a light bulb change. It throws less light on neighbors' homes. But it also spotlights tension between the Richmond law office of "Sharon Horner and Associates" and two neighboring homeowners.

What a difference 250 watts make. The light that once invaded their privacy and disrupted sleep is diminished and refocused to illuminate the parking lot of Sharon Horner and Associates and not shine through the yards and bedrooms of neighboring homes. Two bulbs atop the 24 foot pole went from 1000 watts to 750.

"It's really thanks to Channel 12 and Diane Walker that it happened to be the day that this story aired they came up with a fix after 9 months," said resident Tom Thompson.

The final fix is in compliance and city approved but, it's not perfect. It's not the metal covers the law firm's contractor talked about 2 weeks ago.

"What he's done is put a band aid on the situation instead of actually taking care of the situation," said homeowner David Luebke. "The light was not as intrusive. It was not intense."

For the law office though, it's final. It provides security for staff and dimmer lighting for neighboring residents.

"We're satisfied to have met the city requirements," said General Contractor George Avgeros.

Residents are disappointed there were no discussions, no dialogue with Sharon Horner.

"If it's compliant then we are not going to appeal to her good nature. It's clear she doesn't care. She moved into the neighborhood and has never said 'boo' to me," said Thompson.

Speaking on behalf of Sharon Horner and Associates, the contractor says the corporation invested a million dollars in building and grounds improvements to clean up the area. The homeowners are frustrated and disappointed they never got the chance to discuss their differences like neighbors.

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