VDOT to ramp-up pothole repairs

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Virginia takes aim at potholes on thousands of miles of state-maintained roads. Governor Bob McDonnell announced the campaign Tuesday morning to repair roads damaged by winter weather. And you can have a hand in getting those holes fixed.

Colonial Heights resident, Don Parks, is sick of those pesky potholes in the road.

"Every now and then you run into one. There are a couple right before I get to my house," said Parks.

Parks was ticked-off when he ran over a gapping pothole a few weeks ago.

"I was just going around a curve - went off the edge of pavement - the pothole was there and the tire busted," said Parks.

Parks is looking forward to a ride with less lumps and bumps -- which could happen sooner than later. The governor has directed VDOT to quickly identify and patch potholes across the state. It's all part of the 2011 pothole blitz.

"As soon as we receive word or an indication of a pothole we'll immediately go out and fix it or a contractor will go out and do it," said VDOT Spokesperson, Dawn Eischen.

VDOT says it's been plugging potholes all season. The department is now kicking it up a notch. Some areas that are pothole prone such as I-95 and Route 288 will be repaved.

"Right now it's trying to get the potholes taken care of and make things smooth but really the final fix is the paving," said Eischen.

Filling a pothole can cost anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the location and size of the pothole. Money for the permanent patch work will come from VDOT's maintenance budget.

"The public can expect to see a lot more maintenance trucks on the roads day and night," said Eischen.

Earl Woods calls the increased effort long overdue. He's drives a mail truck for a living.

"It's well needed -- well needed because a lot of accident happen because of people distracted by the phone or people trying to dodge a pothole," said Woods.

The pothole blitz is expected to last throughout April. When you go to report a pothole, keep in mind where it is. If the pothole is in a city, town, or Henrico County, you'll need to call the public works department in that location.

There are two ways to report a pothole. First, you can call VDOT's customer service center at 1-800-for-road. Or go online to the VDOT website.

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