Man found dead, roommate faces drug charges

By Laura Geller - bio | email

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) – Shock spread through a Goochland neighborhood Monday night after a man was found dead and police arrested his roommate.  The charges against 32-year-old Andrew McKenzie have nothing to do with Eric Amman's death.  He's in jail for growing pot, but more charges could be coming.

This bizarre chain of events began with a standard welfare check.  Deputies went to the house on Holly Lane after a man called and said he was concerned about his friend.  It turned into a death investigation and now a drug case with a gold mine of all kinds of drugs and paraphernalia.

The list of items the Goochland Sheriff's Department said it confiscated from McKenzie's home include: 145 marijuana plants, pipes, syringes, pills, grow lights, and scales.

It's possible the treasure trove might never have been found.  Deputies went there to check on McKenzie's roommate Eric Amman.  They said McKenzie wouldn't let them inside at first but then called 911 to tell dispatchers his roommate needed an ambulance.

We're told the 32-year-old wheeled a bloody nosed Amman in an office chair to the front door.  Deputies couldn't revive him.  Sheriff Jim Agnew now thinks he died during an intentional overdose.

The sheriff also believes McKenzie was manufacturing drugs and planning to deal.

"There's clear indication from what we found in the house and from what he has admitted to deputies that he intended to plant these plants across the state in various locations and then to harvest them later," Agnew told NBC12.

The people who live nearby expressed shock at the news about their seemingly quiet neighbor.  They noted, however, in the last month and a half he didn't let them inside the house anymore and they observed different cars coming and going from the driveway.

While the investigation continues, residents there are trying to understand just maybe they didn't know their neighbor.

Sunday night's incident was not the first contact the sheriff's department has had with McKenzie.  We're told deputies had been to the house twice before in less than a two year time span. Once for a domestic call, another time helping Henrico Police arrest McKenzie for indecent exposure. He remains in Henrico Jail. More charges are expected.

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