Sunday night storm sends debris flying

By Ben Garbarek - bio | email
Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - A powerful storm ripped through Chester Sunday night.

We received several calls from viewers in the area after that storm hit. There were reports of uprooted trees, rooftops blown off and even trampolines landing in people's yards.

The second set of showers Sunday may have been short-lived, but it packed quite a punch.

After the rains went away, Chester resident Bob Jones found his neighbor's shed obliterated by the storm and pieces of wood and aluminum siding scattered all over his yard.

"I was standing on the couch and all of a sudden the lights go out and the next thing you know it sounds like someone else's shed is going across my backyard, but I didn't even have a chance to run before it was all over with," said Jones.

A large section of the roof from a nearby tire store is wedged twenty feet up in one of Bob's trees. What this storm lacked in length, it made up for in power.

"I didn't have a chance to take note. It was like boom and gone."

About a mile away, Kathy Davidson looked out her window to find a trampoline in her backyard and a giant tree ripped out of the ground by its roots.

"Oh my gosh, it was the worst thing I have ever been through. I mean the worst. I've been through a lot of storms. The wind picked up, the things were going on and my husband made us get into the hallway. He's never done that before," said Davidson.

She says this storm caught her by surprise too.

"We didn't know anything was coming and then all of a sudden, the wind started whipping and Dwayne said the front door was going (makes a noise) and the house was just a-going. It was bad. I've never been through anything... I never want to do that again."

So far, we have not heard any reports of people injured during this storm. Kathy knows this storm could have been a lot worse.

"Thank God no one was hurt, our houses weren't hurt. I think they're missing a few shingles, but that's ok."

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