Gas prices affecting summer travel

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Every time you fill up these days, gas prices are going up. And that means summer travel could get expensive too. The answer could be to start booking now.

The Exxon gas station on Staples Mill and Broad Street just hiked the price to $3.37, minutes before our cameras arrived.

Gas station owners are out at least once a day changing their markers.

"We face the heat," said Exxon Owner, Altaf Ladhani. "Everybody's angry at us and think we're raising the prices," he said.

As frustrated as drivers are, "the way things are going overseas I think it'll go up to $3.50 that how I feel in our city," said Ladhani.

If gas prices are putting a dent in your wallet, look ahead and consider your summer plans.

"Obviously that is one of the major factors because it does impact price," said Travel Agent, Stella Capocelli Carter.

Carter, says rising fuel costs are pressuring airlines, cruise line, and tour operators to add extra fees like a fuel surcharge.

"You will see already that a few of the airlines have already imposed fuel surcharges for international travel," she said.

British Airways just started charging its international flyers from North America to the UK at least an extra $20 to $30 for economy seats and even more for first class passengers.

Many other travel service companies are on the brink of raising rates.

"They are in a little bit of in a panic mode," she said.

For example, if you wait around to book your cruise, you can end up paying up to $70 extra bucks for each ticket - the maximum fuel surcharge, you can avoid, if you book now.

"A cruise can sometimes only cost you $300 to 400 dollars cruise only, $70 dollars is a lot of money," said Carter.

Waiting till the last minute to book the flight, cruise, or tour can be risky.

The best deals don't usually come last minute.

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