County offers affordable way to get a better lawn

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – People will spend hours in their yard working towards greener grass, but may never get the results they're working towards. Experts in Chesterfield say most people don't know how to properly care for their yard. But a program called "Grass Roots" can determine what practices and what climate is best suited for the grass in your yard.

It's probably the most popular lawn care program Chesterfield offers. With a little testing, an expert will tell you why your lawn looks different from the one across the street.

Friday afternoon Bobby Dodd drove over dry grass that borders Salem Baptist Church.

"I thought that maybe somebody had called you and said, 'hey there's a crazy guy over there that's mowing hay,'" explained Dodd. He hoped by chopping off the dead stuff, green blades of grass will grow in its place.

"I'll come back and lay some fertilizer on it," explained Dodd. (It sounds like you know what you're doing.) "Nah. It's just sound. I haven't got a clue."

His comment is funny but true. Though despite being clueless, he's spent a fortune on his yard.

"I think I own three lawn mowers now," said Dodd as he explained his many purchases. "Eight, nine weed eaters."

Added up, Bobby thinks if he wasn't obsessed with the ground he'd be able to afford a trip around the globe. But for less than a tank of gas, grass experts will measure Bobby's yard, test the soil and jot down his current routine.

"I think it's a pretty inexpensive way for people to learn a lot about their lawn," said Susan Edwards who's in charge of the Grass Roots program.

"Then I will write up the report that tells them specifically, how much they need of what and when to put it down," explained Edwards.

The county tests yards from now until June. There is only space for 400 homes in the Grass Roots program.

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