2nd biggest week-to-week gas price increase in 20 years

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – In just the last week gas prices have jumped 22-cents. Triple-A said today that's the second biggest week-to-week increase in 20 years, losing only to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Derek Defebo's life-long dream was to own a truck. He loves it so much he's willing to empty his pockets to keep it filled up.

How much does it cost for him to fill it up? "Well now, probably more like $75," he said.

But $3.39 a gallon has him re-thinking his dream ride.

"I'm thinking about buying a scooter. In the warm weather here soon, should entice me to do that a little bit more," Derek said.

Triple-A Spokesperson Windy VanCuren suspects more people will be eying alternative transportation.

"We have actually jumped here in Virginia $.18 week-over-week and in Richmond it's even higher. 21 cents in a week," she said.

Conflict in the Middle East and northern Africa has inflated prices to $3.23, $3.33 and $3.41 a gallon--- depending on your neighborhood.

"If you've gotta pay more for gas, then you've gotta cut somewhere else," said Sharon Briggs.

Sharon stocked up today, but Tom Baldwin, a contractor is considering cutting back.

"The economy is just starting to pick up where we're getting some descent work- that we can make some money off of.  And I'm scared fuel is going to hurt us," Baldwin said.

So to stretch every drop of gas, get that junk out of your trunk; the lighter the load the better. Maintain your tire pressure, get a tune up, and drive slower. Revving that engine drains your fuel tank.

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