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Dangers of Lazy Cakes

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two-year-old Michael Cummings couldn't resist the temptation of a chocolate brownie. But moments after eating it, he had a strange reaction.  

"He was in his toy room playing and then he came down here and lay down. He was just acting all funny. He wouldn't play or nothing," said Kameron Cummings, uncle to Michael Cummings. 

"Only thing I can do is hope and pray that he was okay," said Michael's mother Kizwanna Cummings. 

His uncle admits giving him the brownie. He figured it couldn't hurt -- after all who could resist a brownie. 

"I didn't really know what it was. I just thought it was going to be a regular type of brownie, just had a name to it," he said. 

This was no regular brownie. It was a Lazy Cake -- touted as the world's first relaxation brownie. The secret ingredient, Melatonin , said to put a smile on your face and help your problems melt away. But be warned this stuff is only for adults. There's a warning on the label and the website. 

Dr. Laura Aisenberg works with HCA Virginia Health System. 

"Melatonin is a medication that can help promote sleep that can be kind of like a hypnotic, so I can see where that might be attractive so some people," Dr. Aisenberg. 

Our call was the first she'd heard about Lazy Cakes. 

"It's not surprising but it also makes me wonder what is coming next," she said. "It is important that you consult your doctor, even if that means eating a brownie…that is laced with Melatonin ." 

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain and is a legal supplement. Too much and you can fall into a deep sleep and need medical help waking up.  

"They could be getting thousands of times more than what the body really needs, now you put that in the hand of children and it's very concerning," Dr. Aisenberg said.

Some doctors say Melatonin can be fatal. 

"It will kill you if you get the wrong dose, yes, it's a drug...those brownies are definitely a drug," said Dr. Ann Payne-Johnson with Baptist Memorial Health Care. 

By the time Cummings family realized these brownies were special, little Michael was passed out. He ended up in the hospital. He's okay now. 

We showed Dr. Aisenberg the Lazy Cake ingredients.  

"It contains 3.9 milligrams of Melatonin , it is about 10 times what the physiological is, so the physiological amount is about 0.3 milligrams," she said. 

The makers of Lazy Cakes say: "The product is clearly marked as being intended for adults only. We trust they will make educated decisions about what they choose to consume." 

Dr. Aisenberg says a label may not be enough. 

"Even with parents being accountable, it's a brownie. My kids are going to go in the cabinet and get a brownie if they say it in there, you cannot be around them 24/7," Dr. Aiesnberg said. 

The makers of Lazy Cakes say they don't distribute the brownies here in Virginia but parents should keep in mind that gas stations can still buy them online and sell them in their stores. The next time you buy a brownie - read the label. Doctors say Melatonin can also cause medical complications, like increasing your blood pressure, instigate seizures and causing blood clots. 

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