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POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) – St. Luke's Episcopal Church has served Powhatan County nearly 170 years, and a church member with family roots from the very beginning is continuing the tradition of service.

"She does everything," said Church Secretary Brigette Sweptston. "She prepares meals for people that have had surgery. She goes and picks up shut-ins and takes people to the doctor."

Brigette says Connie Harris coordinates a host of outreach programs from clothing and toy drives to her Meals on Wheels to community banquets that draw dozens of regulars.

"She has a senior luncheon she coordinates once a month for the citizens here in the county and brings people from nursing homes and has a home cooked meal for them, has a program for them, they do singing and things like that," Brigette said.

Brigette invited us to the February banquet in the basement of St. Luke's.

"She is going to be so surprised," she said.

And she warned us that Connie wasn't keen on being on camera.

"Is Connie in here? Oh she's actually outside," Brigette asked.

Sure enough as soon as we spotted her, and she eyed from the hallway.

"I don't think so," Connie said. She dashed into the kitchen, but came out with a big smile, and questions.

"What are you doing?" Connie asked.

Ah, but this is about what you do, taking folk on shopping trips, paying utility bills.

Brigette Sweptston: "I nominated you for Act of Kindness cause of all the wonderful things you do for everybody in the community."
Connie Harris: "Brigette goodness sakes. Oh my word."
Brigette Sweptston: "They actually gave $300 for you to use however you like."
Connie Harris: "For the senior luncheon."
Brigette Sweptston: "For the senior luncheon or whatever you would like. Are you ready?"
Connie Harris: "I am."
Brigette Sweptston: "Let me see, ok. $100, $200, $300."
Connie Harris: "Thank you darling. Oh that's wonderful."

And right on time.

"I was just talking today about us doing a cookbook of the senior luncheon meals to raise money for this event," Connie said.

Connie said we should know there's a team of volunteers: cooks, decorators and drivers who make the luncheons a celebration. She says she's only following the path Charlotte who 13 years ago started the senior luncheon.

"It brings everyone together. It started with the Meadows Nursing Home because we wanted a day to get them out," Charlotte said.

To Ethel that means a lot.

"Everything in the world," said Ethel who partakes in the senior luncheon. "The friendship, the fellowship, the people - it comes from the heart."

"It makes me happy to see other people happy. And it's fun too. It's just fun. We have more fun at this event," Connie said.

Good food, good friends, good times.

"If you really want a good meal, come back the 3rd Tuesday of every month," said Connie.

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