"Safe" bullet used as gun safety device

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Is there really such a thing as a "safe" bullet? That's what we wanted to find out after we heard of a new product called the "Safety Bullet."

It aims to protect people, especially children, from gun accidents. It's a small bullet shaped object that goes into the cartridge of your gun. If a child gets a hold of it and pulls the trigger, the gun won't shoot.

The idea was to make a safe bullet, one that would prevent a deadly accident if a gun were to fall in to the hands of a child or an unwanted intruder. That's how the Safety Bullet was invented.

"Put it in and now it goes in to battery okay?" explains gun owner, Jeff Picchi. "It's ready to fire. That pop you hear is the safety inside the bullet."

Picchi, owner of The Smoking Gun in Colonial Heights, knows firsthand just how the Safety Bullet works. He even sees how it can be useful in certain situations.

"I think a Safety Bullet has a place, maybe long term storage for your weapon," said Picchi.

The Safety Bullet is about the same size as the normal bullet and fits into your gun the same way. But instead of firing an actual bullet when the trigger pulls, it locks the gun up. The only way to get the bullet back out is by using the white rod included in the packaging. The Safety Bullet is designed to save a child's life so we had to test it out for ourselves. While it might keep a child from hurting themselves, Picchi does see a few downsides to the Safety Bullet.

"My concern would be if I come out of a dead sleep at three o'clock in the morning," said Picchi. "I grab my pistol or revolver for self defense forgetting I have a  Safety Bullet in there. I pull the trigger to defend myself or my family, now the gun has become inoperable."

Picchi would use the Safety Bullet however, especially for his guns that are in long term storage. For weapons used just for protection he suggests proper gun training and the use of a gun safe to keep your weapon from falling into the wrong hands. The Safety Bullet inventor disagrees.

"You have a gun for protection, not to be chained up," the Safety Bullet inventor writes on his website. "Any other device will send you looking for a key or trying to remember the combination to your lock."

The added layer of protection is worth it to Picchi though. He encourages not just the use of the Safety Bullet, but other means of gun protection to prevent a deadly disaster. The inventor of the Safety Bullet claims that the small object has saved as many as 20 children's lives since he created it. You can order one for just under $25 plus shipping.

Just visit www.safetybullet.com for more information.

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