Henrico considers fining people who bring work trucks home

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – If your lawn looks more like a company parking lot, Henrico County may come after your wallet. The county is considering fining people who commit the violation of bringing big work vehicles home.

Under a new proposal, the fines start small, and get bigger with each additional violation. The county says the goal is to improve neighborhoods, but some neighbors say it steps on their property rights.

Doc Holliday appreciates a well-kept neighborhood. Tree limbs have to go, but when it comes to big trucks and work vans, he's okay if their owners park here.

"They have a job to do, and why drive halfway across town to pick it up there?" Holliday said.

In fact, we drove around several Eastern Henrico neighborhoods and saw multiple examples of blue-collar workers who bring their work trucks home.

"It's like the one sitting across the street. I don't know what they got stored in it. I figure, it's your land, you should put on it what you want," Holliday said.

In Henrico County, smaller trucks and commercial vehicles are okay on private property...it's the big ones that pose a problem. Take this 18-wheeler for example...parked right outside a neighborhood. In an effort to improve the look of neighborhoods, Henrico County is proposing to fine people who repeatedly bring home big trucks like this.

The first step would be a warning, after that, a fine of $50, all the way up to $200 if the problem isn't corrected.

Technically, the fines are called "civil penalties", and they exist elsewhere in metro-Richmond. Henrico views them as a more effective deterrent than a prolonged court process. Doc, isn't so sure.

"You should be able to do what you want on your property, not have the county come in and say you have to  do this, or do that," Holliday said.

Currently, work vehicles are allowed to be parked on private property if they weigh less than 5,000 pounds. The proposal would up that amount to 10,000 pounds, meaning only the biggest trucks would be subject to fines.

The proposal is still under consideration. County leaders are making some adjustments after concerns were raised at last week's board meeting.

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