COPY-Power crews working into the night

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As night falls, power outages backed up traffic at busy intersections. Multiple crews were taking turns monitoring the flow of cars for hours on Three Chopt Road and Patterson.

Fast moving winds have kept not only traffic patrollers and police busy around the metro, fire crews responded to a down pole in downtown Richmond, on Broad and First streets.

The wind ripped an old power pole near the base and slammed it onto a gold Lexus. The owner just steps away, heard the crash.

"I came out here - I couldn't believe what I saw," said Robert Ashby.

Shattered glass flew in the wind as a crowd of spectators gathered.

"I'm upset. I'm trying to hold it together. I didn't know it was that windy out here at the time," said Ashby.

Fire crews were on alert all day.

"We expect to get wires down, telephone wires, electrical wires, that sort of thing. We just wait for the dispatch, and see what we have when we get there," said Captain Harold Ring of Richmond Fire Department.

In Chesterfield, we caught up with Dominion workers.

"All I heard was sparking out here and wind was blowing and when I came and looked there was spark on the wires," said resident, Paul Myers.

As people watched, crews worked overtime. About a mile of live wire fell, taking out power to the entire block of Old Beach Road.

"I was kind of fearful when I saw it sparking there. I have never seen anything like that before," said Myers.

Dominion is offering a number you can call to report outages or downed power lines. That number is 1-866-366-4357.

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