Power, phone, cable out in Chesterfield neighborhood

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A tree landed on a house on Marty Boulevard in Chesterfield County in the high winds Friday afternoon, knocking out power and other services to parts of the neighborhood in the process.

Friday all low-hanging power lines lead back to this tree. Its limbs now sit on the home, lean over the fence and stretch into a neighbor's driveway. Neighbor Avery Pritchard is glad no one was hurt.

Melissa Correa: "Ever seen a tree fall on a house?"
Avery Pritchard: "No. And I've been kind of worried about that myself." 
Melissa Correa: "Why?" 
Avery Pritchard: "Because I have a lot of trees in my yard."

Standing on the steps of his home, Avery takes in the aftermath of wicked winds.

"It sounded like a giant boom. Like something really big happened. I thought a plane crashed or something. I went in the backyard and started looking for fire," Avery said.

After his curiosity lured him to the destruction, he now nervously watches trees move with the wind gusts.

"I went across the street to look at it. You could see it's rotted inside. I pulled off a couple of pieces and there are some giant red bugs inside of it," Avery said.

"I think the people that were living in that house; they got out just in time. Because they just moved from right there," neighbor Melvin Chambers said.

Power and phone guys in bucket trucks arrived on scene about an hour after the tree came crashing down.

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