Elderly woman gets Virginia ID card

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – Tenacious, Carrie Harden wasn't about to give up on getting a Virginia I.D. Once I got her in front of the right people, it was a matter of time before she got her picture ID card in the mail.

The law requires the 99-year-old to appear in person. Before this visit, I had her granddaughter fax copies of documents to the Identity Review Committee to prove her existence and legal presence in the U.S. The D.M.V. examined the originals.

"Social security card, Medicare card, Virginia Medicaid card and Michigan ID," said Carrie's granddaughter Sylvia Irvin.

Carrie signed an application and we waited long enough to reflect. Carrie was born in 1911, years before birth certificates were issued in Arkansas. Not having one was not a problem.

"In a week. Michigan didn't give you a hassle. I got it in a week," she said.

She got a Michigan I.D. without a birth certificate, but moved here two years ago and Virginia said no, following rigorous requirements after 911.

"All drivers and I.D. applicants must meet the requirements. There is no exception process," said Melanie Stokes with the Virginia DMV.

True, but Carrie should have been told about the elevated review process on her first try for a Virginia I.D.

"We don't know why it didn't happen in this particular case but when 12 On Your Side contacted DMV, we immediately gave the customer that phone number to get in touch with the review process," Stokes said.

Soon, her number was called and instructions given for her picture.

DMV worker: "Here we go ma'am. You ready?"
Carrie Harden: "Yea."

The only disappointment, she couldn't walk out with it. She got it one week later, just like D.M.V. promised.

"I'm so glad and I want to thank you all. May God bless you," said Carrie.

I heard from others who had trouble getting ID's because of documentation problems. Call 804-497-7100 to find out more on the identity review process. There's also a list of 200 acceptable documents on the DMV website.

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