Payroll irregularities lead to Lucy Corr Village firings

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Fired and ordered to pay back thousands of dollars! That's what a "former" worker at Lucy Corr Village is dealing with tonight and she says she's not alone. An internal investigation at the assisted living facility found payroll irregularities.

The woman says when she complained about her paychecks being short she was cut an extra check taken from her paid time off hours. She claims the person who authorized this was fired but now employees who received the money are also out -- and have to pay the company back.

"When I went in today they told me that on the grounds of me owing PTO time and funds for falsely doing a job that I would have to pay back that money," said one former employee.

This woman asked that we hide her identity after receiving her termination letter today. It claims she owes the company more than $3,600 for allegedly taking pay for service that was not provided.

"My heart just dropped," she said "Like, I felt like my life was like at jeopardy. I have a family to help support and I'm in school full time."

The employee of six years shared certificates she received recognizing her work at the company. She denies owing Lucy Corr Village any money and wants answers about what she did wrong.

"It is a personnel matter so I can't discuss specifics," said Debra Marlow. "I can tell you that the audit was conducted and there were findings which have been turned over to the Commonwealth's Attorney."

Marlow, the company spokesperson, wouldn't confirm the reason behind the firing or how many workers were let go but says the matter started last November after a regular check of the payroll. In the meantime, the former worker has until March 9th to pay up.

"What's going to happen on March 9th?" asked NBC12's Evrod Cassimy.

"They'll be hearing from my lawyer," said the woman.

The woman doesn't understand why she and the other employees have to pay for what she calls someone else's mistake. The spokesperson tells me that none of the residents have been affected by the firings. So far no charges have been filed.

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