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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – They came from all over.

"I'm from New Brunswick, New Jersey," said Top Model hopeful Vanessa Palka.

And had many reasons why they should be chosen.

"Everybody says I look like Tyra Banks," said Raquel Byrd.

"My personality! I got a lot of swag with me and I love fashion!" Octivia Moore said.

"I'm a little more original. (There's a lot of pretty girls here.) Oh I didn't say there weren't but I definitely have more of an original style," said Ashley Dean.

These Top Model hopefuls are waiting for a call back from Tyra Banks. But let's face it, only one person can claim the title America's Next Top Model.

"(The requirements are 27.) Guess what? That's their loss if they got a problem with it!" exclaimed Dean.

But no matter how old you are, if walking the runway is still your dream there's hope.

"If someone is looking to get into modeling, I would be, I would hope that they would look at Cameo Models International as an alternative agency," said Renee Lacy.

Renee Lacy is a local model agent and represents a number of models here in the Richmond area. If you weren't lucky enough to be selected for America's Next Top Model, you can still kick start your modeling career here in town.

"We will train you, we will develop you, and we will coach you. We will help you to understand the modeling tools and all that you need," said Lacy.

And part of the tools would include how to handle rejection. That's something that Cameo Models International teaches while helping models land other jobs.

"It's difficult but you can't let rejection set you back. If anything it should make you stronger," said model Milagros Richards.

Milagros Richards has been with Cameo Models for nearly five years and has landed jobs here in Richmond. She and others in the industry had this advice for anyone who wants to model but doesn't make it on the show.

"They should enroll into a modeling college school or get some type of advisor," she said.

"You want to visit your local agencies and see if you can get representation where you live. If you really want to go for it then go to the big markets. Pound the pavement. Go to every open call you can get in to. Send your pictures. E-mail your pictures to agents," said Stacie VanChieri.

Stacie VanChieri, the CEO of Wilhelmena Modelogic here in Richmond has had several models try out of for the show that didn't make it. But as an agent she's still been able to help them launch a career. She encourages all aspiring models to never give up.

"It's a very personal thing to keep asking do you like the way I look because they might say no, you're not what we're looking for," Stacie said. "So I would just say to girls you know, be confident in who you are. It's a fun business! It's not the end of the world if you hear the word no. Just keep trying and having fun!"

If you are interested in becoming a model, you can contact Modelogic Wilhelmena or Cameo Models International. They host open calls often and the jobs they've found for their models do pay.

We'll let you know if anyone from our area gets picked for "America's Next Top Model".

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