Elementary school students donate food to Food Bank

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Thousands of pounds of food made its way to the Central Virginia Food Bank today. All of it was raised by a group of students at Bettie Weaver Elementary School in Chesterfield.

More than 6,000 cans, food items, were collected. Three elementary school students organized the event and they did it all in just five days.

Mountains and mountains of food, that's what our camera found on Wednesday. You can see why it's tough to wipe the smile off the face of second grader Annie Nash. "We're going to help a lot of hungry people because we raised a lot of food."

She's not kidding. The school beat it's goal and raised about 2,000 or so pounds of food for the food bank. It happened with a big donation from one dad and his daughter, who stepped up big time earlier this week.

Jake Kern and Addie Nash also pitched in to get it all started and they helped send it all off.

"I imagine how much the food will feed and it makes me feel good," Kern said.

"I would be happy if I was one of the people that needs this food," Nash said.

The food is flying off the shelves at the food bank, just as quick as it is coming in. In fact, a recent study says one in six Americans are at risk of hunger, meaning they are not getting the consistent access to a well balanced diet needed to survive.

The food drive -- put on by a bunch of children -- will go a long way to help turn that around.

"They did a really really good job because its hard to bring in a lot of cans and its hard to bring in a lot," Nash said.

The kids went to and even did some research on the food bank.

Beth Nash is a proud mom who watched these kids organize it all. "We know we are making a different in the community and we are really proud," she said.

This actually isn't the first time the school took on the challenge.

Gene: "So Jake, alright the big question now is, you'll be in 5th grade next year. Are you going to carry on the tradition?"

Jake: "Probably. I hope so!"

So there you have it. Jake, the senior so to speak next year, says he is going to take on the challenge next year. We'll have to see how many cans of food he can collect this time near year.

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