Hanover's 10 most dangerous intersections getting attention

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Nine of Hanover County's 10 most dangerous intersections are either under construction, slated for construction, or being evaluated for a potential project.

"Upgrading the intersection to current standards we hope will have a positive impact in terms of crashes and hopefully just have a more efficient operating intersection," said Hanover Traffic Engineer Joe Vidunas.

Crews are working hard at Lee Davis and Cold Harbor roads, one of the most troubling spots.

"With this project we will be providing dedicated left and right turning lanes on each approach to the intersection; we also will be changing the intersection to make it more at right angles, which is desirable from a traffic standpoint, so again we look for that intersection to perform a lot better than it has in the past," Vidunas said.

Improvements are already apparent at one dangerous intersection where construction just wrapped up.  Crews widened the road and improved the turn signals at Pole Green and Bell Creek.

"We've seen a vast improvement in that intersection and received some positive feedback from the traveling public and not hearing the concerns and complaints that we heard for some time prior to the project," Vidunas said.

County leaders aren't sure these projects will alter the most dangerous list since high volume intersections usually have the highest number of crashes, but they're hopeful for improvements.

"We may still have the same top 10, but hopefully we will see a decrease in the number of accidents at those locations; only time will tell and that's something that will be assessed on a continual basis," Vidunas said.

Hanover County's 10 most dangerous intersections

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Bell Creek South
-Realignment of Bell Creek Rd to the east and widening/additional turn lanes under design; Dec. 2014 start date

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Lee Davis Road
-Widening/additional turn lanes under design; 2015 start date

Chamberlayne Ave. & Atlee Station Road  
-No project, but there is a project to extend Atlee Rd to connect to Atlee Station Rd which should reduce some of the turning volumes at this intersection.  The extension of Atlee Rd will begin in 2013.

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Old Hickory Drive
-This intersection is currently being evaluated by VDOT for safety improvements; project approval is pending.

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Elm Drive
-This intersection is currently being evaluated by VDOT for safety improvements; project approval is pending.

Lee Davis Road & Cold Harbor Road
-Project to realign intersection and provide a dedicated through and right and left-turn lanes on each leg is under construction; Nov. 2011 completion date

Pole Green Road & Bell Creek Road
-Project completed this past Sept. to widen Pole Green from 2 to 4-lanes through intersection and add turn lanes

Chamberlayne Ave. & Atlee Road
-Project under design; start date TBA

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Creighton Parkway
-No project

Mechanicsville Turnpike & Wynbrook Lane
-Widening/additional turn lanes under design; late 2014 start date

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