Dog shot in the face with arrow and survives

By Laura Geller - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – An amazing story of survival proved cats aren't the only ones with nine lives. A Chesterfield dog is alive after being shot in the face with an arrow.

The Maeurer family is calling her their miracle dog. When we were at the house Monday evening, amazingly she was happily strolling through the yard, no whining or crying. She's on medication now and the family is constantly monitoring a situation that could go downhill at any moment.

This sweet natured Chow's wounds are painful to look at. Brandy and Matthew Maeurer's dog Alize's fate was tested Friday morning. They let her out so they could clean her kennel. She bolted down the street and was gone for just ten minutes. Those ten minutes put her life in jeopardy.

They noticed something was wrong as Alize trotted back home. The lime green feathers at the end of an arrow were jammed into the dog's face.

"She was bleeding a lot," said Brandy. "I was freaking."

They rushed her to the emergency animal hospital where vets told the couple there was a possibility Alize wouldn't make it.

"I just thought I was going to lose part of my family that day," said Matthew.

"It was very hard," explained Brandy. "It was hard on us. It was even harder thinking about how we would have to face our kids."

The arrow hit her face, went down the throat and pierced the chest cavity. Somehow, it missed Alize's heart, lungs and every other major internal organ.

Almost $500 later, Alize is home but not out of the woods.

The Maeurers called Chesterfield Animal Control. An officer told them Monday only two stores sell this particular type of arrow. He's hoping to trace the lot number to a buyer. Brandy isn't sure this was an accident.

"If it was done intentionally unfortunately that's something that karma is going to have to handle," she said.

The Maeurers maintain the dog does get out every once in a while but neighbors have never complained to them. They have to give her pain medications now every eight hours. Alize is also on antibiotics to prevent infection. She'll go back to the vet later this week.

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