Fire crews mopping up Louisa brush fire

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LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - The state of emergency declared in Louisa County will soon be lifted. It was put in place on Saturday at the height of the fire which we learned today consumed a little less than 1,000 acres in the town of Mineral.

This was supposed to be a holiday for firefighters. Crews are back on the scene of a massive fire in Louisa County making sure that hot spots and high winds don't compromise a two day long containment.

Smoke still billows in a Louisa forest... and with each big gust of wind, even flames still flicker.

Nerves across Louisa are shot. Darlene Fulk and her husband slowly survey the damage from their car. What looked like an inferno Saturday night forced them from their home.

"I feel like I've been in a wrestling match. I hurt, my body hurts. God knows what those poor firemen feel like," said Darlene.

Even two days later Fulk can't believe how close she and neighbors came to disaster.

"I just thank God that nobody got hurt," she said.

At the height of it all, 50 firefighters worked to tirelessly to contain the immense forest fire. Monday, they kept watch over the charred earth.

"We're putting out hot spots along the line. we're snagging which means putting down dead trees that are burning," said Stone.

Trying to keep fresh and dry fuel away from the burned up areas. All while other fire calls continued to pour in. This forest fire may have started from a downed power line, but fire fighters have a message they've repeated again and again, and they hope it will get through.

"What citizens can do I just don't burn. Just stop burning. Go the transfer station. you don't need to burn stuff," said Stone.

Firefighters out here patrolling this area, looking for hot spots and trouble areas. They are also hoping for a little bit of rain in Louisa tonight.

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