What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Great appetizers to the 500

by Matt Lincoln

Well, Daytona certainly has not kept all its drama for its most dramatic race.  Friday night's Camping World Truck Series event and today's Nationwide each had enough for the whole weekend.  Everyone who had any close connection to the death of Dale Earnhardt - Junior, Michael Waltrip, anyone who drives for RCR - has become the fan favorites, and also the guys the people in the media center are watching the closest.  So with Waltrip pulling the big swing around Elliott Sadler on the final lap to win the truck race, was probably the highlight of the Camping World Truck Series for the entire year.  They might as well not even have the rest of the races. It was not as good for Powhatan product Jason White, who was caught in one of three major wrecks, and barely made the midway point.

Today's Nationwide race was certainly one to remember as well.  We saw tandem racing work to its finest with Landon Cassill, a name even I hadn't heard of before this weekend, bringing Tony Stewart to victory.  After starting on the front line, and finishing 3rd for Phoenix racing, Cassill made a name for himself this week.

As for Stewart, his uncanny ability to win the Saturday race at Daytona continues.  That's four in a row, and 7 of 8.  Yet he's never followed that win up with a win the day after.  And that will continue this weekend.

I like to stick up for Dale Earnhardt Jr.  But driving by your pit stall because you forgot what number car you're in is inexcusable.  The fact that he almost came back to win doesn't make it any better.

I don't root for Danica Patrick to win.  But I like the fact that she competed well Saturday, and had a good finish.  I don't like the fact that she hasn't committed herself fully to stock cars or Indy cars.  The cars are so different, as long as she keeps missing parts of both schedules, she won't be really successful in either.  If she's doing this with the Nationwide Series as just a test to see if it's possible that she could have success racing stock cars, then this weekend was a step in the right direction.  But Daytona is not the most physically taxing track to race on either.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you my pick to win the 500.  I may even do it before the race is over.  Who is yours?