BB gun shooting on school bus, one injured

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – An elementary school student is injured after being shot in the face with a BB gun by a classmate. It happened while the two boys were on a school bus in Petersburg.

The boy who brought the gun to school is a 4th grader at JEB Stuart Elementary. The boy's mother says she has no idea of how her son came to be in possession of that weapon.

Paula Townes says her son is a good boy who made a terrible mistake.

"It's bothering him -- he apologized to the little boy," said Townes.

On Wednesday, Townes' 10-year-old son brought a BB gun to school. It was loaded with plastic BB's. During the ride home from school the ten-year-old shot another student in the face with the weapon. The victim suffered minor injuries, including a swollen red eye.

He didn't tell school officials about the incident but another student, who witnessed the shooting, did tell.

Nicole Bell: "What are your thoughts about your son being in possession of that weapon?"
Paula Townes: "I don't like it. I'm not the type of parent that allows my kids to play with guns. So, where he got it from -- I don't know, but he no longer has it."

News of the incident is raising concern among some parents.

"Suppose that was a real gun -- it could have been worse than that," said Marvin Pettaway.

Pettaway's 8-year-old daughter heard about the incident in school.

"She was kind of shook up. We talked to her and explained it wasn't real and she understood," said Pettaway.

Kimber Robinson has a daughter at the elementary school. She didn't know about the incident until we told her.

"The school system should have made the parents aware about it," said Pettaway.

As for Townes, she and her son are trying to move on.

"I spoke with him and let him know you can't do stuff like that. We're trying to resolve everything now," said Townes.

The student who pulled the trigger is on school suspension for ten days. Police are investigating the shooting. We reached out to Petersburg Schools for a comment on the incident -- our calls were not returned.

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