Politifact Virginia: Mayor's claim on active Richmond projects

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We go hyper-local in today's Politifact Virginia report. Mayor Dwight Jones made many claims during his recent state of the city address, including this one:

"$981 million is almost a billion -- with a "B" -- dollars worth of investment going on right here tonight as we speak," said Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones.

A lot of stuff is happening in the city, but does it really amount to almost $1 billion in active projects?

According to the reporters at Politifact Virginia, that claim is barely true.

Here is where the mayor goes wrong. Of the $981 million in "active" projects, some $249 million are actually already done, and people are using them. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is an example. That drops the figure down $732.2 million.

According to Politifact reporter Jacob Geiger, that is a drop of more than 25 percent from what the mayor claimed.

"The fine arts museum has been hosting people since may of 2010, the law firm moved into their project, which is a $63 million building in July of 2010, so when you pull out those finished projects, the real figure is only about $730 million," Geiger said.

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