Deer takes a dive

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A viewer in Hanover had an unusual experience Thursday afternoon involving a deer, a pool - and a female Animal Control officer....and he caught it all on his digital camera.

"I happened to look up, and I saw about 30 deer standing in the field, so I thought it would be pretty cool to get some pictures of it," said Hanover resident Lucas Tucker.

When you live in eastern Hanover County, spotting a deer or two is almost an everyday experience, but eyeballing a herd of 30 or more doesn't happen all that often. That's why Lucas Tucker got out his camera.

"He ran two circles around my neighbor's house and back into my yard twice," he said.

This is where the story goes from unusual to down-right weird. One of the deer, a buck, seemed to trip - then got separated from the herd…and then started acting squirrely.

"He ran through the backyard and jumped the fence - and right into the pool in the backyard," Lucas said.

Now in his neighbor's pool, and seemingly no way to get the deer out, it was time to call Animal Control. Within 10 minutes an officer with special skills with a lasso had the situation under control.

"She came, lassoed him up one time, pulled him right out of the pool, took the lasso off of him...and there he went," Lucas said.

Here's the good news - the deer was just fine.

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