Obama addresses a wide range of topics in exclusive interview

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  It is not a surprise that a station from Richmond was granted access to the President on Wednesday. He spoke to stations in Milwaukee and Cincinnati as well.  All home to the top leadership in the House of Representatives.

By coming doing an interview with NBC12, he was pushing his message on his biggest critics' turf.

The President of the United States, let us ask him whatever we wanted, but make no mistake, he found a way to get his message across.

"The vast majority of people right now, what they are thinking about right now are jobs and the economy," said the President.

In a wide ranging conversation from the White House Map Room, Mister Obama touched on a variety of topics. Like the future of social security.

"There may need to be some adjustments on the benefits side for future beneficiaries that aren't drastic,' he said. "But (they) would stabilize the system for the long term."

But in order to come to some sort of a consensus on the major issues of the day, the President needs the help of Republicans. Republicans like Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

"You two do have somewhat of an icy relationship at least from what it appears to us," I asked the President to which he responded, "Ya know, I don't think it is icy. Look Eric Cantor is a Republican leader and they just went through an election cycle where they were interested in wining the house," Obama said.  "He is now in a position of responsibility."

But for all the public jockeying between Obama and Cantor, both sides seem to say there is room for them to work together.

"He has his beliefs, I have my beliefs," Cantor said in an interview right after our chat with the President. We are fighting, both for the good of the country, we just get there in a different way."

To which Obama added,  "The American people aren't looking for this tit for tat sort of political argument. They are tired of that.  What they really want to see is people acting like adults."

The question is, how do you define "acting like adults". The answer could chart the course for the next several years in Washington.

You can see much more from our interview with the President on Ryan's political blog, DecisionVirginia.com.

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